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WiFi has become a normal part of everyday life, at work, in the home, at the coffee shop or even in the park.

So often we set up our mobile devices to connect to WiFi whenever it is available.

WiFi is the enabler of so many new applications from Enterprise BYOD and mobility solutions to smart home connectivity. The strength of Hotspotair WiFi products is that they are part of a larger ecosystem that integrates campus and city-wide connectivity with WiFi LANs and hotspots, all controlled from a centralized management own WiFi controller platform.

Hotspotair WiFi products extend the Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Wide Area Network products and complete the solution for both Wireless Internet service providers and the enterprise by connecting end users in multiple locations to the data-center, internet or any other vital data source.

Commonly used for campus, hotspot and enterprise connectivity around the world, the benefits of unfettered and ubiquitous connectivity offered by Hotspotair’s combined indoor and outdoor WiFi solutions are second to none.

Hotspotair is a leader in advanced Wi-Fi, point to point, and point to multipoint outdoor wireless systems that are purpose built for mission critical and high availability communications. With wireless experience, Hotspotair is recognized for its unparalleled reliability, superior performance and drive for innovation.

Hotspotair is best in class WiFi Solution, offers a unique and unmatched WiFi solution that can deliver longer range and more reliable Wi-Fi connections to client devices; Wi-Fi that reaches farther and is inherently more stable for creating a connected smart city.

Company Mission

Leverage Customers workforce productivity via increasing their efficiency and accuracy to optimum as well utilizing the IT infrastructure investment and enhancing the working environment and communication

We commit ourselves to credibility, perfection and the continued development of our organization. The continuous development of products and services is always in the front of the eye; to be the best choice of our value clients.

Why Choose Us

To be a professional business unit in the Egyptian market providing Smart Integrated WiFi Network Solutions and Superior Services with its management control.